Manchester | We Stand Together

Once Upon a Smile Charity are providing immediate support following the tragic bombing in Manchester last night.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the tragic events which occurred in Manchester last night. Our team have been working throughout the evening to provide assistance to those bereaved and those still searching for loved ones. We are working closely with other services to offer practical and emotional support during this difficult time.

We are so proud of the people of Manchester who are reaching out to help people involved and like everyone else we offer our continued support.

This tragic event can be extremely upsetting for children. Once Upon a Smile advise parents to use language in a way that children will understand and remind parents that they should encourage children to ask questions. Although parents want to protect their children from upsetting news it’s always advisable to answer their questions to help them express their thoughts and feelings in a safe way.

We have opened a dedicated helpline to offer support on 0161 7110339 and offer the community the opportunity to attend an organised vigil lead by Andy Burnham at 6pm in Albert Square.

Our heart and prayers go out to all families.