How To Donate

Looking for another way to donate to Once Upon a Smile?
There are lots of ways that you can donate your money to us at Once Upon a Smile!

Monthly Giving

Monthly donations enable us to continue ongoing support to bereaved families.  No matter how little you can afford to give it will make a big differences to our families. We want to make things easier for you, just click this link

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving (also called Give As You Earn) is a way for employees to give to charity direct from their salary. Donations are made before tax, so employees not only give to charity, they also pay less tax. You can choose to donate as much or as little as you like. If this is something of interest, you can speak to us about it.

Special Occasions Donations

Why not ask for a different type of wish? Instead of a gift, you could ask your friends and family to donate to Once Upon a Smile on your behalf. They can donate as much or as little as they like. Just have them call 0161 7110339 and we will help them make their donation, it is very straightforward and will only take minutes…

Or you could set up a specific JustGiving or VirginMoneyGiving page where everyone can donate directly.

Tribute funds

If you’re planning your event in memory of a relative or friend, you might like to set up a Tribute Fund. To make it easier for you, just click here.

Gifts in Wills

A gift to Once Upon a Smile in your will means you are leaving a family with special memories that will last a lifetime. Your gift will help make sure we can continue supporting as many bereaved families as possible.

Still need some help? Just drop Angela a quick email: