Christmas is a difficult time of the year and we aim to reduce the financial strain by providing the families we support with Christmas presents and Christmas dinner.

Below are the families that need your support this Christmas.

Who and what you sponsor this Christmas is completely up to you!!

What Can I Sponsor?

You can sponsor as much or little as you want too.

  • *The Whole Families Christmas – Includes presents for all the children and Christmas Dinner
  • *Specific Children’s Christmas presents
  • *The families Christmas dinner

All our Christmas Dinners are provided by way of a supermarket gift card that our families can spend on groceries this Christmas!

How Much Does It Cost?

You can spend as much or a little as you want too! If you are sponsoring Christmas dinner, we would recommend a minimum donation of £25.00

How to buy presents & Christmas dinner?

You can either purchase the gifts yourself or donate online and we will buy the presents on your behalf… If you choose to buy the gifts, please use the children’s listed interests as a guide to what they like.

If you are opting to purchase Christmas dinner, we ask for donations as we provide the families with a supermarket gift card.

To donate simply CLICK HERE

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Let’s make Christmas Special.

Send us your details and we will be in touch…