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Our Celebrity Football Team

Proudly sponsored by JD Sports, our Charity Football Team (OUAS FC), is a Celebrity based team made up of well known Tv Actors, Musicians and Ex Professional Footballers.

Founded in 2007,  the team take part in games where there are charitable beneficiaries, community projects or to improve local clubs.

Need Some Help?

Do you and your family need some support?
Do you know a family that needs our support?

We currently accept referrals from many organisations and although this is the simplest way to make a referral, we also accept self referrals.

All referrals are discussed at length by the committee and supporting evidence is sought, decisions are made thoroughly and based on the circumstances of each family.

Hi, I’m Sidley and together we will make a difference and create many smiles!

For some of you this may be the first time I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you, so I will take just a minute to explain who I am. I am the mascot and the face of ‘Once Upon A Smile’ and you will be seeing lots of me over the coming years. I cannot wait to bring smiles to the faces of those families who need it most. Together we can make this happen…one smile at a time!

You will be seeing me at all the football matches we take part in. I will also be making appearances at many schools, hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. Who knows, maybe I will appear in the odd magazine and newspaper – I’m a very busy bear!