Practical Support

Having suffered a bereavement, naturally you will not feel at your best to handle all aspects of life, and at this time you feel the need to give support and attention to other members of family and friends.

We understand that suffering a bereavement is traumatic enough but often a bereavement can result in ‘secondary losses’, this can be financial with the loss of income that can add extra stress, especially if you have children.

These issues can be a result of a number of reasons such as taking time off work, losing a partner whose income you depended on or due to a sudden and unexpected death. Financial struggles can relate to a number of different things but not limited to funeral cost, mortgage/rent arrears, utility bills, exepected costs or general purchase of household goods and groceries.

If you are suffering financial hardship as a result of a bereavement then we maybe able to help.

We tailor the support we provide to the needs of you and your family and work with you to provide a support package that best suits your needs.

We never send cash payments.

Copies of the outstanding bills are needed in every instance to support your referral…

Examples of what we’ve previously helped with are:

  • Mortgage/Rental Arrears
  • Gas/Electric/Water Arrears
  • Council Tax
  • Funeral Costs
  • Headstones
  • Mobile Phone Bills
  • Supermarket Gift Cards

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can support you and your family.