Making a Referral

All referrals for support are made via our online referral system.

We understand that if you are making a self referral it has taken a lot of courage to do so and we want to make this process as simple as possible for you, you are one step away from the support you need.

You will see below there are 2 referral tabs available to you; if you are making a referral for yourself, you will need to click the ‘self referral’ option. If you are making a referral from an organisation such as a hospice, hospital, school, charity or local authority you will need to click ‘Organisation Referral’.

To make a referral you will need to be given a password, this can be obtained by either calling us on 01617110339 or by clicking here

“Once Upon a Smile provide emotional and practical support to bereaved families following the death of a parent/guardian or child”