Sidley House is a two storey detached building located just off Chester Road, in the heart of Old Trafford, Manchester.

It has fantastic public transports links allowing easy access to our families and well as approximately 15 car parking spaces.

Sidley House will be a dedicated bereavement hub and head office of Once Upon a Smile and will have rooms dedicated to specific activities to allow bereaved families to express in a fun and safe environment both in groups and individually.


SOCIAL SPACE & CIRCULATION – This Area will incorporate the reception and a warm and bright welcoming area with soft furnishings where families and guests will sign in.

CHILL OUT ROOM FOR TEENS – Designed by our teens for our teens, this room will provide a safe space, so young people can come together and build friendships with others who understand how they are feeling. Chill out room will include, pool table, ping pong table, relaxation area and other resources they feel will support them during difficult days.

CHILDREN’S PLAY & ASSESSMENT – Young children often find it difficult to understand the permanence of death. Overnight their world may become a confusing place. Many parents are worried that having conversations about death and dying will cause further upset and often avoid talking about it, however without information children cannot start to make some sense of what has happened.


MUSIC ROOM – Many of our children use music and instruments to express their feelings, the music room with provide them with another outlet to express and have fun. Children can use this room to listen to music or bash on the drum kit. Children will be free to express themselves in a way that feels right for them.

SNUGGLES & SMILES ROOM – Families come together with other bereaved families and both children and adults are given the opportunity to create a beautiful bear with the hope that the bear will provide comfort to them during difficult times.

ARTS & CRAFTS – Provide children and young people with the opportunity to make crafts that help them to remember their loved ones. Children make beautiful memory boxes, memory jars and focus on all the happy times they have shared.

BAKING ROOM & KITCHEN – Baking has many benefits, including, creative expression and has been found to have a strong connect with overall wellbeing. Children find the process of baking provides them with a sense of achievement, joy and supports them to communicate their feelings in a fun environment.


MULTI PURPOSE CINEMA ROOM – A fresh and dynamic room that will be used for staff and volunteer training, as well as transforming into a dynamic cinema room.

ASSESSMENT ROOM – A warm welcoming room where families will meet our staff for the first time to discuss the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s death and for Once Upon a Smile to introduce varies programmes of support. The purpose of the assessment is to:
Build trust so that the family feel “safe” working with us
Give information about Once Upon A Smile so that the family can make an informed decision about future involvement
Collect information about the person who has died and how the death has affected the family
Collect information on the child’s knowledge and understanding of the death

PARENTS ASSESSMENT ROOM/RELAXTION ROOM – This dual-purpose room will provide not only a waiting area for extended family  members during the assessment process but will also offer a holistic approach where parents can enjoy relaxation treatments including, massage, meditation, mindfulness and many more.