Alps Challenge Success

Two of our amazing supporters, Sarah and John, recently completed a grueling trek across the Alps to raise funds for Once Upon a Smile. This ambitious challenge saw the couple hiking for around eight hours each day, navigating snowy mountains and rugged terrain. This charity trek covered 43km through the Mont Blanc region of the Alps, taking several days to complete.

The trek was definitely a challenge. We hiked for around 8 hours a day, up and down snowy mountains, but despite the aching legs, it was one of the most meaningful experiences of our lives. To know that every step we made was raising well-needed funds for Once Upon a Smile gave us the energy to keep going. Can’t wait for the next one!


Their determination and dedication taking part in this challenge and fundraising for Once Upon a Smile has made a significant impact. To date they have raised over £4500!

Thank you so much to Sarah and John for supporting Once Upon a Smile. Their journey through the Alps was nothing short of incredible and we really appreciate their support.

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