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…are so important to us. Without their support, we simply could not provide the longer-term assistance we do for our families.

We have so many ways in which you and your team can get involved.

“ The benefits of aligning with a charity like Once Upon a Smile whose passion is so evident, motivates our staff to feel able to contribute and make a difference via the fundraising events they organise on behalf of Once Upon a Smile. Our fundraising support has created a number of events for families affected by bereavement which have been of huge benefit.”

Kate Holland – The Peel Group


Corporate Partner

Whatever way you and your team come up with to support Once Upon a Smile our dedicated fundraising team will work alongside you, providing support every step of the way.

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Make Us Your Charity of the Year

We would love to be your companies charity of the year, our fundraising team will work alongside you and your team to come up with fundraising ideas, volunteering opportunities and can also help plan bespoke events just for you.

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One off Event/ Challenge

We're always coming up with different ways to fundraise. Why join in one of our planned events?

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Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is an easy way for you and your colleagues to donate to us.

It’s an easy and tax effective scheme, that allows employees to donate directly to Once Upon a Smile directly from their salary.

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Match Funding

Did you know a lot of companies help boost their employees fundraising efforts by match funding?

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Become a Corporate Sponsor

We have many activities throughout the year that provides your company the opportunity to become a corporate sponsor. It could be a room at Sidley House or an event sponsor, speak to us about the perks available.

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