We’re Making a Difference

OUR IMPACT in 2023.

Since 2011, Once Upon a Smile has been supporting bereaved children and their families across Greater Manchester. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve delivered in the past year:

264 Families Supported: We’ve received referrals from local authorities, schools, and self-referrals to name a few.

1710 sessions: Our dedicated team has provided personalised one-on-one support, engaging group activities, and individual assessments, ensuring every child and family receive the support they need.

We're Here For You bereavement bag with teddy and supporting information

‘We’re Here For You’ Initiative: We have reached 504 primary schools in Greater Manchester, distributing 764 bereavement bags designed for primary-aged children.

Tailored Support with No Waiting Times: Our support is tailored to each family’s unique needs, with no waiting list.

Creating Smiles Group: This offers quality time for parents and children, combating feelings of isolation post-bereavement. Last summer, 140 individuals enjoyed a day at Gulliver’s World, and during Christmas, 120 were treated to family fun at the Chill Factore.

In 2019, we proudly opened our dedicated children’s bereavement centre Sidley House in the heart of Manchester.

Our work is possible thanks to the generosity of supporters like you. If you or your business are keen on supporting a small charity making a significant impact in Greater Manchester, please get in touch!

Reach out to us and be part of something amazing!

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