Christmas Group For Parents

We are excited to invite you to our next parent group on Tuesday 5th December from 10:30 till 1:00. This group we will be taking part in a Christmas wreath making workshop here at Sidley House. 

This will be a small group open to parents and carers of children who we support for different reasons, please note this is not a counselling group, this will be a relaxed space where you can meet others, be creative, and can make your own seasonal wreath. The lovely Sarah from North and Flower will be leading the workshop Sarah has a flower farm and has led us in some floral workshops in the past and always provides a relaxed workshop space where you can be creative, with no other expectations but to have some fun. 

At this stage we are asking people to register their interest to attend and then places will be confirmed. Please do check if you are able to attend on the specific day before you respond as all places are fully funded by Once Upon a Smile.

Parent Christmas Form

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