Christmas is a difficult time of the year both emotionally and financially too many of our families.

The aim of our appeal is to remove the additional pressures that Christmas brings.

Who and what you sponsor this Christmas is completely up to you!!

What Can I Sponsor?

You can sponsor as much or little as you want to.

  • *The Whole Families Christmas – Can include a gift card or pre-bought presents for all the children, plus Christmas dinner
  • *Specific Children’s Christmas 
  • *The families Christmas dinner

All our Christmas Dinners are provided by way of a supermarket gift card that our families can spend on groceries this Christmas!

How Much Does It Cost?

You can spend as much or a little as you want too!

How to buy presents & Christmas dinner?

Once you have chosen your family/child you’d like to sponsor, we will email you more details relating to your sponsor.

To donate simply CLICK HERE

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE! Let’s make Christmas Special.

Send us your details and we will be in touch…